[Ur-buh n]
Urban (Adjective) of, relating to, or designating a city or town.

Glo (Noun) a light emitted by or as if by a substance heated to luminosity, incandescence. Brightness of color.

[Bloh] [Drahy] [Bahr]
Blow Dry Bar (Noun) The coolest place to get your hair washed and styled.

The concept is simple – no hair cuts or colors, just fabulous looks
from our professional hair styling team that will leave your hair gloing and ready to take on the city.

At your visit you will be able to select a style from our looks and one of our stylists will bring it to life.


[Swoop] (Adjective) the action of reserving or saving.

Is it time for you to add some Urban Glo to your hair?
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 [I woke up like this] (Reference) in Beyonce’s hit song Flawless

They didn’t wake up like this, but our styling team is here to make any of these looks come to
life. View our looks complete with eight style options that are perfect for any plans.



[411] (code word) Information or low down
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[Shopaholic] (noun) a person who loves shopping as if it’s her job.

Hey shopaholic! We have the perfect item for you – purchase gift cards and view our memberships by clicking the links below.


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